There are many benefits to working out and staying active and fit regardless of our age or stage in life. This includes increasing energy, maintaining strong immunity, keeping bones strong, reducing body fat, improving breathing, sleep and mood to mention a few. While we are aware of the many benefits, why do often have difficulty keeping to a fitness program that we begin? How can we make the motivation last?

Studies show that doing something new can keep you interested in exercise and make you more inclined to repeat that activity. So the idea is to keep your workouts fun, fresh and up-to-date. All of which we strive for and take pride in at Cross Street Fitness.

Try our classes. They are motivating, with energetic music and varied formats that test your physical limits. Group fitness classes offer a myriad of health benefits that working out on your own cannot.

Additionally, working out in a social setting will push you past your perceived limits, as you’re surrounded by others working towards a similar goal. Being coached by our well-trained and energetic instructors will help you understand the importance of what you’re doing and push you to complete the class. Remember, there is certainly no reason to be intimidated because everyone was at one time a first-timer. And friendly competition builds camaraderie in a class, adding another dimension of motivation.